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By completing this form below, hereby appoint ISE to provide education guardianship for your child while s/he is studying in the United Kingdom. Please view our guardianship terms and conditions.

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Medical emergencies: If you cannot be contacted, do you consent to all emergency medical or dental treatment including inoculations, general or local anaesthetic, surgery or blood transfusions which, in the opinion of a qualified doctor, are necessary for your child's safety and well being, under the National Health Service or privately if necessary?
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Minor ailments: Do you consent to the administration of medication such as paracetamol, cough mixture, eye drops etc normally sold over the counter by a chemist for treatment of minor ailments (always taking into account medical information you have supplied to the guardian)
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Transport: Do you consent to your child travelling by any form of public transport and/or in a motor vehicle driven by a responsible adult who is duly licensed and insured to drive a vehicle of that type?
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Swimming: Do you consent to your child swimming under adult supervision?
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All other activities:Do you consent to your child taking part, under adult supervision, in water sports & fairground rides?
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Please list any specific activities in which you do not consent to your child taking part:

Please list any specific activities in which you do not consent to your child taking part:

We have read and understood the Bright World Guardianships Ltd terms and conditions. We will pay the fees in advance or on receipt of an invoice.

We have read and we understand and accept the contents of the documents referred to in the terms and conditions which explain the scope of the guardianship responsibilities and services